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Apr 11

Tangerine Peel and Weight Loss

tangerine peel and weight lossRecent research from the University of Western Ontario, in Canada, is shedding more light on some of the reasons why the Chinese have used tangerine peel for centuries to treat conditions like obesity, blood sugar problems and diabetes.

Chinese medicine, in the herbal tradition, has used the numerous benefits of tangerine peel and weight loss is one of those benefits, for thousands of years.

Dr. Murray Huff, the principal investigator, had previously isolated a chemical from grapefruit called naringenin and found that the flavonoid was a very good preventative for obesity and metabolic syndrome.  Metabolic syndrome, also called syndrome x, metabolic syndrome x, cardiometabolic syndrome and CHAOS in Australia, is a combination of medical disorders that greatly enhance the likelihood of heart disease and diabetes. It is estimated that 25% of the US population is in a stage of metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Huff’s recent research focused on tangerines. After isolating a flavonoid called nobiletin from the tangerine peel, the researchers added it to the diet of mice used in the study. Mice fed high levels of sugar and carbohydrates who did not ingest the tangerine peel extract developed metabolic syndrome, gained fat tissue and developed diabetes. However, the group of mice that were fed nobiletin with their food did not develop diabetes, did not gain fat, and they did not develop fatty livers and the concurring high cholesterol that goes along with a fatty liver.

One of the astounding findings was that nobiletin, a pigment only found in the peel of the tangerine, was 10 times more effective at preventing weight gain and metabolic syndrome than the pigment found in grapefruit called naringenin.

If tangerine peel is so effective for weight loss, why haven’t more studies been done? It is an important question. If you look at the amount of money that it takes to do considerable research, the reason becomes obvious. Though tangerine peel has long been used in Chinese herbal medicine for weight loss, there has been no economic incentive for companies to study the fruit because the only people who stand to make money from it are small herbal companies, like TCM Nutra and others, and the growers of the tangerines. Hopefully, research on effective herbs like tangerine peel will continue to get the media attention it deserves.

Tangerine peel is one of the 9 herbal ingredients in our herbal remedy for weight loss, DiaSlim. When we were doing research for our herbal formula for weight loss, DiaSlim, we knew that nobiletin was a prominent flavonoid in the peel, and that is was effective for weight loss, but we did not know that nobiletin was responsible for such dramatic prevention of weight gain and the other problems associated with a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates. When we manufacture DiaSlim at our facility in the US, we first do an alcohol extract of the peel to extract as much nobiletin as possible, we then do a water extraction as well to make sure we have extracted all the nutrition out of the peel.

This research helps us to better understand why people are getting such amazing results for weight issues, blood sugar problems and sugar cravings with DiaSlim.

Our program for weight loss, The Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Solution, combines an information packed ebook with our revolutionary herbal formula for weight loss, DiaSlim.

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