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Jan 4

organic Chinese remedies

organic chinese remediesOrganic Chinese remedies are very rare in the US and in China. For many years now, Chinese manufacturers of herbs have been under intense scrutiny because many of the herbal products coming out of China have been poorly manufactured and adulterated with toxic heavy metals and even pharmaceutical drugs.

This does not mean that all products coming out of China are toxic or adulterated, but it does mean that consumers of Chinese herbal remedies would be wise to do some research on the manufacturing standards of the herbal products they are going to buy.

TCM Nutra manufactures organic Chinese herbal remedies here in the USA at a GMP certified facility that is inspected by the FDA. Dia-Slim is tested for heavey metals and pesticides and is free of contamination.

Our organic Chinese remedy for weight loss, sugar cravings and blood sugar issues, Dia-Slim, is the ONLY organic herbal formula based on the wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine combined with modern research in the world. Dia-Slim is an organic liquid herbal formula that comes in a 2oz and 8oz size bottle option. Liquid herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years because they are easily absorbable and easy to use.

To learn more about Dia-Slim go here.

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