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Jun 18

Lose Weight With Chinese Medicine

lose weight with chinese medicineWhen you lose weight with Chinese medicine, you will do so naturally and sustainably. Chinese medicine is the art of balance, and helps you achieve radiant health. In fact, losing weight is really just a side effect of a balanced lifestyle. The Chinese medicine practitioner will find causes of imbalance in your life and help you to make positive lifestyle choices.

Chinese medicine is based in the ethical principle of “first do no harm.” Practitioners will not appeal to your vanity, and will remind you that vanity is simply an energy drain. When you feel great and are full of vital qi (energy) you will naturally lose weight.

For thousands of years, physicians of Chinese medicine have been helping to keep people healthy. The time tested principles of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and massage in addition to nutritional therapy, are not only profound medical modalities for keeping people healthy. They are also sources of powerful healing when people need to lose weight. When a patient needs to lose weight, a physician of Chinese medicine will tailor a specific program customized for that person and their unique diagnosis.

Depending on the presentation of a person, the doctor of TCM might help a patient detoxify, or use herbs to stimulate the body’s ability to metabolize fat. Organic Chinese herbs are particularly useful for the patient who wants to lose weight, because the last thing an overweight person needs is more toxins backing up in their liver. In fact, many people are not even able to lose weight until they detox their liver.

DiaSlim is a unique, organic Chinese herbal formula that utilizes the wisdom of Chinese medicine to help you lose weight.

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