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Nov 28

How to stop sugar cravings with herbs

One of the very common problems that people have with nutrition is that they have sugar cravings. I see a pattern regularly in my clinic, where people try to lose weight but because they are addicted to sugar and carbs it is very difficult for them to do so.

The problem is made worse by the food industry that has learned to exploit human physiology so that people get addicted to the sugar, salt and fat content of processed foods.

Journalist Michael Moss wrote a great book that I highly recommend called “Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” that explains the lurid story of how big food companies manipulate mouth feel and processed food combinations to hook us on their products.

The good news is that herbs and other plants can help us break our addictions to certain foods and to sugar.

Our organic herbal formula, Dia-Slim, not only helps people lose weight and burn stubborn fat from the abdomen and thighs, but it also helps people with sugar cravings. The herbal combination in Dia-Slim will teach your body how to stop sugar cravings.

Sugar cravings, carb cravings and specific food cravings can impel a person to over eat and to make unhealthy food choices. In many cases, people fail to lose weight because they cannot resist their cravings for sugar.

Dia-Slim contains an herb, Gymnema, that is known as “the sugar destroyer” in India. But Gymenma alone is not enough to achieve the best results. We have combined Gymnema with 8 other herbs to create an herbal formula that short circuits and destroys sugar cravings.

Along with gymnema we use green tea, bitter melon, cinnamon and other herbs to help you lose weight naturally.

People report not only losing weight with Dia-Slim, but having more energy, stopping sugar cravings, and feeling a deeper sense of well being.

To learn more about Dia-Slim go here.

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