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Aug 1

Herbs that Help Weight Loss

herbs that help weight lossThe old model of using herbs for weight loss in America was predicated on using herbs as stimulants. The idea is that if you jack up your heart rate with these herbs, you will boost your metabolism. When advertisers talk about burning fat and raising your BMR or basal metabolic rate, usually they are referring to using stimulant herbs. Ephedrine, a component of the herb ephedra sinica, was a very popular herbal stimulant used in weight loss remedies until it was outlawed a few years ago. Used correctly, ephedra sinica is an amazing herb that is never used for weight loss in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. There are many herbs that help weight loss but are not going to over stimulate you or be dangerous to your heart.

The Dia-Slim Approach to Weight Loss

Traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, takes a more holistic approach, and targets weight loss from multiple angles. Dia-Slim was created to target multiple angles in a comprehensive weight loss strategy. For instance, green tea is known to increase metabolism of fat by about 4 times if taken before exercise, so we added organic green tea to Dia-Slim. Tumeric has demonstrated an ability to reduce inflammation and protect the heart from plaque build-up, so we added turmeric. Also, turmeric is slightly warming from a Chinese medicine perespective and invigorates the blood, while green tea is astringent and cooling, so the traditional energetics of the herbs balance eachother out. To learn more about the individual herbs in Dia-Slim and how the synergize to help you lose weight naturally, check out this page.

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