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Apr 15

Herbal Weight Loss

Herbal Weight LossTo use herbs effectively for weight loss, you want to target all of the problems associated with weight gain and body fat. In other words, it is not wise just to use herbs to burn fat. In fact, in Chinese herbal medicine, using herbs singularly was rare, more often masters of herbalism use formulas combining many herbs. You don’t want to just burn fat, you want to also reduce stress levels (cortisol) and reduce inflammation. The best strategy for herbal weight loss is using an herbal formula that targets multiple problem areas for people who need to lose weight.

Our all natural herbal remedy for weight loss, Dia-Slim, synergizes and blends 9 herbs that strike multiple problem areas and multiple causes that contribute to weight gain. For instance, the green tea in Dia-Slim helps the body burn fat, while the cinnamon helps balance blood sugar while also burning fat. The hawthorn berry helps the heart and benefits circulation, while the turmeric reduces inflammation. Gymnema helps to short circuit sugar cravings and breaks your brain’s addiction to sugar and carbohydrate cravings. The tangerine peel prevents weight gain and reduces atherosclerosis.

So to effectively target weight loss with herbs, you wan to use a synergistic approach. We here at TCM Nutra, call the Dia-Slim formula “synergy 9”:

1. Burn fat by increasing metabolism=green tea, astragalus

2. Short circuit sugar cravings=gymnema

3. Balance blood sugar=bitter melon, gymnema, cinnamon

4. Reduce stress hormones (cortisol)=astragalus, atractylodes

5. Reduce inflammation= turmeric

6. Protect the heart improve circulation=hawthorn

7. Reduce cholesterol and triglycerides=tangerine peel, cinnamon, green tea, gymnema, bitter melon

8. Tonify the adrenal glands=astragalus, atractylodes

9. Increase energy and motivation=atragalus, atractylodes, green tea

For herbal weight loss and for losing weight naturally, the herbal remedy Dia-Slim is a powerful choice. To learn more about how Dia-Slim can help you go here.

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