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Dec 7

Herbal Weight Loss Tea

DiaSlim is a potent 9 herb formula for natural weight loss. The tincture can also be made into a delicious herbal weight loss tea. Simply put a dropper full of DiaSlim into a cup. Then add in a few drops of liquid stevia. Stevia leaf is an herbal sweetener and sugar alternative. Stevia is excellent for people with blood sugar problems like diabetes because it does not spike blood sugar levels. Because stevia does not elevate your blood sugar, it pairs very well with DiaSlim.

So with one dropper of DiaSlim in a cup, add in a few drops of stevia. Cut a fresh lemon in half and squeeze one half of the lemon into the cup. Add a cup or so of water to taste. You know have made a very potent herbal weight loss tea. Actually this tastes a lot like sweet tea, except for one fact: with this concoction, you will be losing weight naturally with a potent herbal remedy for weight loss.

You can enjoy our herbal sweet tea for weight loss anytime you want a nice treat that will help you lose weight.

To learn more about Dia-Slim check out this information about the formula.

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