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Sep 12

Herbal Solution for Diabesity


Diabesity and Your Health

Dr. Mark Hyman calls it diabesity, and it is consuming our nation and many parts of the globe as diets change from simple whole foods to processed foods and refined sugars. Diabesity is the word for an increasing trend of a health care epidemic that shows up as diabetes and prediabetes along with obesity. It is well documented that obesity, particularly belly fat, can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. Most people that are obese fall into the prediabetes category. Repairing a person’s metabolic health and restoring the ability of the pancreas to balance blood sugar are paramount to a healthy life.

Using Dia-Slim for Diabesity

Dia-Slim is great for the symptoms of diabesity as the herbs focus on metabolic health. Dia-Slim treats the whole person in an integrated way providing support to blood sugar levels, and gently stimulating the metabolism of fat. Dr. Hyman knows that an integrated approach to diabesity includes eating all natural foods and whole food supplements and herbs. If you want to stop sugar cravings and lose weight while balancing your blood sugar, give Dia-Slim a try. The herbs in dia-slim, such as gymnema, cinnamon and green tea help restore metabolic health and stop insulin resistance.

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