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Mar 16

Herbal Remedies for Radiation

herbal remedies for radiationThe fact is that herbal remedies used for treating the side effects of radiation from nuclear fallout or other exposures, have not been studied extensively in the United States. This is not true of Japan. After World War II, when Japan was bombed with nuclear weapons, the Japanese needed to find cheap ways to treat victims of radiation poisoning and they studied many herbs and some algae. Herbal remedies for radiation are needed in the modern world.

While we do know that many common herbs and herbal remedies are used in America for the side effects of radiation treatment for cancer, more research is necessary for radiation do to nuclear energy radiation or contamination. With the Fukushima disaster in Japan, many people are trying to understand what herbs and plants can help them if they are exposed to high radiation levels.

The recent earthquake in Japan and the subsequent nuclear radiation and fallout will definitely require that the government seek out cheap ways to help their citizens detoxify and purify their bodies if they are exposed to such radiation. Because nuclear radiation exposure is a very rare event, herbs are not commonly used for detoxifying the body after exposure, but the situation in Japan will demand cheap ways to help people who are exposed detox their livers and blood.

The Japanese herbal system called Kampo, has it’s roots in Chinese herbal medicine. Most of the kampo system was inherited from the longer herbal medicine traditional established in China over thousands of years. The Chinese herbal medicine system, or traditional Chinese medicine, has used herbal remedies for successfully over thousands of years to treat the most difficult disease and symptoms.

The herbal formula Dia-Slim, which is based on the wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine combined with modern herbal research, contains 9 herbs that have been used for lowering blood sugar and for stimulating fat loss and detoxification. Some of the herbs in Dia-Slim, like green tea for example, have been researched in Japan for promoting purifying and detoxifying effects on the body.

Researchers in Japan contend the green tea can help with the bodies detoxification pathways and may help when a person is exposed to radiation.

Formulas like Dia-Slim may be one way to help people detoxify their bodies cheaply after exposure to radiation but more research is definitely needed.

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