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Sep 23

Hawthorn and Weight Loss

hawthorn and weight loss

It is such a beautiful herb that I decided to go big with the photo! Crataegus laevigata, or hawthorn berry, is an exceptional herb and low risk phytotherapy solution for coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. Research supports the use of hawthorn berry for the above mentioned conditions.

Chinese medicine has used hawthorn berry for over a thousand years. In many formulas hawthorn, called shan zha in Chinese, is used is formulas to benefit digestion and aid circulation. The herb helps the body transform dampness, which corresponds to the herb’s western function of decreasing blood lipids.

Hawthorn and Weight Loss

Hawthorn berry is one of the 9 herbs in Dia-Slim. We added hawthorn berry because as people gain weight, they put added stress on their hearts. Heart health is a huge consideration in obesity. So if you are looking for an herbal formula for weight loss that considers all of the health ramifications that extra weight puts on the body, Dia-Slim is a great choice.

Please see the attached monograph on Crataegus, or hawthorn berry to get a better understanding of the research on this herb.

Additionally, hawthorn berry is packed with antioxidants and protects cells from free radical damage.

To learn more about exactly what is in Dia-Slim and why, click here.

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