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Oct 29

Gymnema Sylvestre For Blood Sugar

Gymnema Sylvestre Blood SugarOne of the most potent herbs in the Dia-Slim formula for lowering blood 
sugar naturally is Gymnema. Gymnema Sylvestre is native to south and
 central India and has been used to treat blood sugar issues for nearly
 2000 years. In fact, In India, Gymnema is known as the “Sugar Destroyer.” Ayurvedic medicine has used Gymnema Sylvestre for blood sugar issues and diabetes for hundreds of years.

Interestingly, Gymnema will immediately dissipate the sweet taste in your 
mouth after ingesting a sugary food. You can try this with a red grape.
 Simply chew up the grape and while the sweet taste is in your mouth, 
consume a teaspoon of Dia-Slim. The sweet taste will immediately

This anti-sweet activity of Gymnema is very powerful for those with sugar
 cravings. In fact, consuming Dia-Slim at the onset of emotional eating or
 when sugar cravings kick in is a great way to obliterate the craving and
 relax. Gymnemic acids have been isolated from Gymnema extract and they 
seem to play a powerful role in aborting the sweet taste in the mouth.
 Patients report that in addition to losing weight with Dia-Slim, their 
sugar and carb cravings are radically reduced.

Extracts of Gymnema are not only used to curb a sweet tooth, but the
 Gymnema leaves are also used for other problems such as hyperglycemia,
 obesity, high cholesterol levels, anemia and digestion issues.

In 2005, a study at King’s College in London revealed that a water-soluble
 extract of Gymnema Sylvestre caused reversible increases in intracellular
 calcium and insulin secretion in human β-cells without compromising cell
 viability. This study suggests that extracts derived from Gymnema
 Sylvestre leaves may be useful as therapeutic agents for the stimulation
 of insulin secretion in individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.[1]

All the herbs in Dia-Slim are first water decocted, then alcohol extracted to get the most medicine from the plant. To learn more about how Dia-Slim can help you go here.

1. Asare-Anane, H Huang, GC Amiel, SA Jones, PM Persaud, SJ (2005).
”Stimulation of insulin secretion by an aqueous extract of Gymnema
 sylvestre: role of intracellular calcium”. Endocrine Abstracts 10: DP1.


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