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Jan 26

Gymenema Sylvestre and Sugar Cravings

gymnema sylvestre and sugar cravingsCravings are one of the most powerful reasons why people are unable to make healthy food choices.

I have worked with hundreds of people, helping them attain their weight loss goals and one of the most effective means to do this is to help people “short circuit” their sugar cravings.

One of the most potent herbs in the world to short circuit uncontrollable sugar cravings is Gymnema Sylvestre. When applied to the tongue, this herb literally blocks the sweet taste from your mouth. So what you might ask? You like that sweet taste right? Use gymnema sylvestre and sugar cravings disappear.

Well, in controlled studies, subjects that had Gymnema extract applied to their tongues ate far fewer calories than controls. Take home message? Gymnema on the tongue will cut your sugar cravings and help you eat less.

As I was doing years of research for Dia-Slim, my nine herb formula for controlling sugar cravings, burning fat and reducing blood sugar levels, I knew I could not leave out Gymnema. We also added green tea leaf which has been shown to increase fat burning by up to 25% during exercise.

A recent patient said this about Dia-Slim:

“Finally, my addiction to sugar is gone, along with the obsessive cravings. This has been a life-long problem for me. Thanks to James and Dia-Slim, it is gone. What freedom!”

Janet Baker

If you have cravings, want to lose a little extra weight or have blood sugar problems, Dia-Slim might be right for you. This herbal weight loss formula is organic (5 herbs out of 9) and side effect free.

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