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Apr 20

Dia-Slim plus the 5 weight loss keys = your summer body

weight loss keysFive Timeless Weight Loss Keys

By taking Dia-Slim by itself, you will be increasing fat metabolism by about 4 times your normal metabolic rate. In order to make your herbal weight loss results last, simply follow my 5 keys for organic and sustainable weight loss:

1. Build lean muscle more than do aerobic exercise:

  • Lean muscle is 5 times more metabolic than fat tissue.
  • Simple weight lifting exercises creates a metabolic furnace that burns fat 24 hours a day.

2. It’s not just what you eat, it’s when you eat it. (most people make the huge mistake of not eating all day, or eating lightly only to become extremely hungry later in the evening at which time they eat a large dinner, this is HUGE mistake and causes people to gain weight):

  •   Understand the glycemic index of the foods you eat and eliminate fried, fatty, greasy and sugary foods (this is the what you eat)
  •   Eat more frequently but in smaller portions: 6 small meals, or three regular meals with 2 snacks in between. (For healthy food ideas and recipes just call us at the clinic: 828.254-4405).
  • Eat a good size breakfast, have snack, a decent lunch, have a snack, eat a smaller dinner, have a snack. (this is the when you eat)

3. Detoxify your liver and rid your body of excess acid:

  • Most people do not know that a toxic or stagnate liver can cause an immense backup of toxins that then get stored in fat cells. The creation of fat cells is often a defense mechanism that protects other cells from toxins; fat cells hold the toxins in a kind of hibernation until the liver is ready to deal with them.
  • Experts agree most people need to detoxify the liver at least once a year. (To learn more about our detoxification program call us at (828) 254-4405.)
  • As you detoxify your liver, you will automatically begin shedding fat because your liver will then have the ability to neutralize the toxins that have been stored in your fat cells.
  •   I have seen so many people eat all the right foods and exercise more but they still could not lose weight, only when we detoxified their livers did they begin to shed the extra pounds.

4. Get more sleep:

  • Sleeping 6 hours a night raises your risk of developing obesity to 23%, sleeping 4 hours a night raises your risk of developing obesity to 73%.
  •   Continuing research demonstrates that 8 hours really seems to be ideal for most people regardless of age or constitutional type.
  •   During sleep, the body does cellular repair, and rids itself of stress hormones that cause fat tissue to accumulate.

5. Let stress go:

  • Realize that food acts as a stressor: fatty foods, refined foods, coffee, tobacco and excess alcohol all cause adrenaline and cortisol to be released into the bloodstream and this in turn cause the body to break down lean muscle and to store fat.
  • Make a clear and frim decision not to do negative stress anymore

To try our herbal formula for weight loss, Dia-Slim, completely risk free, click here.

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