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Apr 6

Breaking the Brain’s Food Addiction with Herbs

breaking the brains food addiction with herbs

Recent research done in the US indicates that areas in the brain associated with cocaine and other drug addictions are the same areas activated when a food addict simply looks at a tempting food. It seems familiar to most us, a Pavlovian response even, you see the milkshake and your mouth waters. But what is the difference between someone who sees the milkshake and is not tempted and the one who crushes through the line to get to the waiting barrista?

While this particular research, which used MRIs to observe specific areas of the brain, is just coming out, anyone trained in biochemistry might have surmised years ago that most people who have intense food cravings are under the same brain mechanisms as a drug addict. In short, the cycle of food/drug addiction looks like this:

You eat sugar, spike your blood with caffeine, eat high carb foods or smoke…which leads to:

  • Your adrenal glands release adrenaline and cortisol (aka stress hormones) then..
  • Adrenaline releases stored sugar into the bloodstream and cortisol breaks down muscle into sugar then…
  • Your pancreas reacts to sugar in the bloodstream then…
  • Insulin is spike which stores extra sugar as fat then…
  • Insulin also allows tryptophan to cross the blood brain barrier then… (Here is where the addictive mechanism kicks in)
  • Tryptophan is converted to serotonin in the brain causing you to feel better then… (this is medicating with food, or “emotional” eating)
  • Sertonin depletes very quickly as blood sugar crashes and you crash feeling depressed and low energy then…
  • You crave sugar, stimulants, nicotine or other foods to pep up, eat them and the vicious cycle continues.

So it is easy to see how food is addictive, just as cigarettes and high doses of caffeine can be addictive. And it is also easy to see how and why that when cigarette smokers quit smoking, they gain weight. When we reach for that sugary snack when we feel emotional or depressed or sad, we are temporarily altering our state. We want to feel better and we use the things we are addicted to as a way out of out bad feelings, but as we can see from the progression above, the food/drug is only a quick temporary fix.

It is possible to break the brains food addiction with herbs, and Dia Slim can help.

I spent 10 years observing this cycle of food and drug addiction in patients and in myself and then I learned how to short circuit the brain’s mechanisms with herbs. DiaSlim is a combination of organic herbs that treats the root of the addiction to food by acting on the body’s insulin resistance and serotonin levels. With DiaSlim, your cravings will diminish, your energy and natural vitality will return and you will be able to make healthier food choices.

Our organic herbal remedy DiaSlim can break the brain’s food addiction and help you lose weight in a sustainable way that treats the root problem: addiction.

To learn if DiaSlim is right for you, go here.

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