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Apr 13

Atractylodes and Weight Loss

atractylodes and weight lossAtractylodes is one of the most important and prominent herbs in Chinese herbal medicine and has been used for more than 2,000 years in Asia. The herb is an energy enhancing herb or a qi tonic and can help reduce a person’s appetite if it is too strong and increase metabolism if some has a weak basal metabolic rate.

The herbal tradition of Chinese medicine has used the numerous benefits of atractylodes and weight loss is one of those benefits, for more than a thousand years.

If can help those with water accumulation or edema by drying what the Chinese call “dampness” and increasing urinary output. As a qi tonic, Atractylodes is often used in formulas to enhance energy. Interestingly it is also has been used to restrain excessive perspiration in people who tend to sweat too much or too easily.

In DiaSlim, our 9 herb formula for weight loss, Atractylodes help promotes natural weight loss by tonifying the spleen and pancreas and increasing metabolism. It will help reduce the appetite in someone whose appetite is too strong, but it can increase the appetite if an appetite is too weak, meaning that the person is often not absorbing nutrition from their food. It can help balance water metabolism and reduce excess water weight, while also helping to burn fat.

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